Yaki udon

This simple noodle dish is a basic interpretation of yaki udon, Japanese pan-seared noodles. Utilize precooked delicate udon noodles for ease; then again cook dry noodles as indicated by the parcel directions before beginning to pan sear.


•             1 onion, cut

•             1 carrot, sliced down the middle lengthways, at that point into 5mm/¼in-thick inclining cuts

•             1 tbsp sunflower oil

•             75g/2¾oz shiitake mushrooms, quartered

•             ¼ darling cabbage, cut into 1cm/½in wide strips

•             85–100g/3–3½oz broccoli, cut into little florets

•             3 spring onions, cut, green and white kept discrete

•             2 garlic cloves, squashed

•             2 tsp ground new ginger

•             300g/10½oz cooked udon noodles

•             2 tbsp mirin

•             2 tbsp soy sauce

•             1 tsp rice vinegar

•             2 tsp sesame oil

•             1 tsp dark sesame seeds (discretionary)

•             1 tbsp salted ginger (discretionary), to serve


1.Put the onion, carrot and sunflower oil into a wok and cook over a medium warmth for around 6–7 minutes, blending much of the time, until the onion is simply beginning to turn brilliant.

2.Add the mushrooms, cabbage and broccoli to the wok alongside the white pieces of the spring onions, the garlic and ground ginger. Sautéed food over a medium warmth for around 2 minutes, until the vegetables are delicate.

3.Add the noodles, mirin, soy sauce and rice vinegar and pan fried food until the noodles are hot through.

4.Drizzle with sesame oil and disperse with the green pieces of the spring onions and the sesame seeds, if utilizing, and top with somewhat cured ginger, whenever enjoyed.

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