Spiced French toast

A brisk treat that will assist with spending Easter’s extra hot cross buns


•             4 tbsp delicate spread

•             2 tsp cinnamon

•             2 eggs , beaten

•             100ml milk

•             4 hot cross buns , split down the middle

•             vanilla frozen yogurt and maple syrup, to serve


•STEP 1.Blend 3 tbsp of the spread with a large portion of the cinnamon and squash together. Beat together the egg, milk and remaining cinnamon. Sandwich 2 cuts of hot cross bun along with a large portion of the cinnamon margarine and rehash with the staying two cuts.

•STEP 2.Plunge in the egg blend and leave to douse for a couple of secs. Warmth the spread in a skillet until frothing. Cook the hot cross buns for 1-2 mins each side until light brilliant (you may need to do this in two bunches). Press down on them as you cook. Serve each part finished off with a scoop of frozen yogurt and a shower of maple syrup, on the off chance that you like.

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