Prepared pasta shells loaded up with cheddar

An unequivocal family top pick – messy pasta shells with a straightforward pureed tomatoes, heated until fresh, brilliant and gooey.


•             16 conchiglioni rigati (huge pasta shells)

•             1 amount of Salsa di Pomodoro (see underneath)

•             3 tbsp newly ground parmesan cheddar

•             1 bundle of mozzarella, cut

For the filling

•             150g/5oz ricotta

•             1 bundle of mozzarella cheddar, finely diced

•             2 tbsp newly ground parmesan

•             16 huge new basil leaves

•             salt and newly ground dark pepper

For the Salsa di Pomodoro

•             4 tbsp olive oil

•             2 garlic cloves, finely hacked

•             2 x 400g tins of plum tomatoes, hacked

•             handful new basil, finely hacked

•             salt and newly ground dark pepper


1.Make the pasta. Preheat the stove to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Cook the pasta shells in a lot of delicately salted bubbling water until still somewhat firm. Channel well (ensure you void the shells of water) and leave to cool.

2.To make the filling, crush the ricotta with a fork, mix in the diced mozzarella, parmesan and some salt and pepper to taste and blend well. Shape the blend into 16 balls, enclose each ball by a basil leaf and spot in a cooled pasta shell.

3.Make the sauce. Warmth the olive oil in a huge skillet, include the garlic and sweat until mellowed. At that point include the tomatoes and basil, season with salt and pepper and stew delicately for 25 minutes.

4.Pour a layer of the pureed tomatoes over the lower part of an ovenproof dish and spot the filled shells on top. Pour over the rest of the pureed tomatoes, sprinkle over the parmesan and top with cuts of mozzarella. Spread with aluminum thwart and prepare for 35 minutes. Eliminate the thwart and prepare revealed for five minutes. Serve right away.

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