New spiced fish fingers

Fish fingers aren’t just for kids. Liven them up with Asian flavors for a grown-up treat


•             300g bold haddock filet

•             2 tsp cornflour

•             2 tsp polenta

•             3 tbsp sunflower oil

•             ½ red stew , finely cut

•             12 basil leaves , torn, notwithstanding a few extra leaves to serve

•             3 tbsp soy sauce

•             juice ½ lime , notwithstanding lime wedges to serve

•             100g Thai fragrant rice


•STEP 1.Cut the fish into pieces around 5 x 10cm. Wipe off with some kitchen towel.Add the haddock and go to cover in the mix.

•STEP 2.Warmth 2 tbsp of the oil in a tremendous frying pan and incorporate the haddock fingers. Cook for 5-8 mins, turning irregularly. Dispose of from the holder and channel on kitchen paper. Keep warm.

•STEP 3.Crash the skillet with kitchen towel. Re-appearance of the glow and incorporate the remainder of the oil. Incorporate the stew and cook for 1 min, by then dispose of from the glow and incorporate the basil, soy and lime juice.

•STEP 4.Cook the rice for 10-12 mins, until fragile. Channel well and present with the haddock fingers, blazing sauce, lime wedges and a few basil leaves.

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