Microwave chicken with pureed tomatoes

This fast and easy one-pot dish – all cooked within the microwave – is right for a midweek supper and is delectable with a coat potato, pasta or rice and a green plate of mixed greens.


•             400g/14oz little chicken filets

•             black pepper (discretionary)

•             2 tsp edible fat

•             2–3 twigs rosemary or thyme (then again use ½ tsp dried spices)

•             1 onion, cleaved

•             2 garlic cloves, finely cleaved or squashed

•             1 pepper (any shading), deseeded and hacked into 1cm/½in pieces

•             1 courgette, hacked into 1cm/½in lumps

•             1 x 400g/14oz can hacked tomatoes

•             1 tspspoon tomato purée

•             1 tsp sauce

•             1 tsp vinegar (balsamic or red wine)


1.Arrange the chicken filets in an exceedingly huge microwave-safe dish utilizing a fork and crush over some dark pepper, if utilizing. Shower with the oil and be sure of the new spices or sprinkle with the dried spices. Wash your hands.

2.Cover with a top or stick film, leaving a touch zone open, and cook on full force for 2 minutes. Eliminate the dish, strip back the stick film and switch the chicken in order that any cooked parts outwardly are within the middle. Re-cover and cook for yet one more moment.

3.Remove the dish and move the chicken to a plate utilizing a fork.

4.Add the onion and garlic to the dish. Cook on full force for 2 minutes.

5.Add the pepper and courgette to the onions, mix well and cook on full force for a further two minutes.

6.Add the tomatoes to the vegetables. Mix to consolidate.

7.Add the chicken and any juices in order that they are totally covered with pureed tomatoes.

8.Cover the dish with stick film similarly as within the past and cook on full force for 3 minutes.

9.Carefully strip back the stick film, keeping your hands and wrists far removed, as steam can cause consumes. Mix the chicken filets with the goal that they will cook equitably.

10.Re-cover and cook on full force for a further five minutes.

11.Remove the dish and leave to represent two minutes. Cautiously strip back the stick film and watch that every one the chicken is altogether cooked (no pink within the center). If not, re-cover and cook for one more 1–2 minutes whenever until cooked.

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