Masala sauce

This heavenly masala sauce will give your curries genuine profundity of flavor. The key to the rich taste is cooking the onions gradually until they are extremely dim. Add sautéed chicken, meat, prawns or vegetables for a delightful fast curry.


For the ginger garlic glue

•             30g/1oz root ginger, stripped

•             30g/1oz garlic cloves, stripped

For the masala sauce

•             2 tbsp vegetable oil

•             2 dark cardamom

•             10 dark peppercorns

•             3 cloves

•             4 green cardamom

•             2 tsp cumin seeds

•             2 cinnamon sticks

•             1 cove leaf

•             500g/1lb 2oz onions, slashed

•             1 tbsp ginger garlic glue (from above)

•             1 tsp ground turmeric

•             ½ tsp red bean stew powder

•             1 tbsp ground coriander

•             1 tsp garam masala

•             salt, to taste

•             2 tbsp tomato purée


1.First set up the ginger garlic glue. Mix the ginger and garlic with a teaspoon of water in a blender. Store any you don’t use for this formula in the refrigerator.

2.To make the masala sauce, heat the oil in an enormous griddle. Add the entire flavors (dark cardamom, peppercorns, cloves, green cardamom, cumin seeds, cinnamon and straight leaf) and fry until they begin to pop, at that point add the onions.

3.Cook the onions delicately and gradually until caramelized and extremely dull earthy colored.

4.Add a tablespoon of the ginger garlic glue and fry delicately for 3-4 minutes. Taste to ensure the ginger and garlic are all around cooked in any case their flavor will be excessively solid.

5.Add all the powdered flavors and blend well.

6.Add 100-150ml/3½-5fl oz water if the sauce is excessively thick.

7.Finally add the tomato purée and cook until the oil rises to the top of the sauce.

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