Lentil curry

A one pot lentil curry that is loaded with flavor. Great in case you’re group cooking as it freezes splendidly! This formula utilizes tamarind glue which you can trade for lemon juice, in the event that you like.


•             3 garlic cloves, generally hacked

•             5 curry leaves

•             3 tbsp vegetable oil

•             1 tsp cumin seeds

•             80g/2¾oz earthy colored onions, finely hacked (around 1 medium onion)

•             ½ tsp gentle stew powder

•             1 tsp ground turmeric

•             300g/10½oz red lentils

•             1.2 liters/2 pints warm water

•             80g/2¾oz tomatoes, finely hacked

•             1 tsp caster sugar

•             1 tsp tamarind glue

•             salt

•             1 tbsp hacked new coriander, to embellish

•             freshly cooked rice or chapatis, to serve


1.Place the garlic and curry leaves in a pestle and mortar. Smash to a coarse glue and put in a safe spot.

2.Heat the oil in a weighty lined pot over a medium warmth. Include the cumin seeds and, when they start to pop, include the onions. Fry for 6 minutes until mellowed and afterward include the garlic and curry leaf combination. Mix well, browning for 1 moment. Include the stew powder and turmeric. Mix well and include the lentils and water. Season with salt and bring to the bubble. Lower the warmth and stew for 20 minutes with a top on, blending part of the way through.

3.Stir in the tomatoes and stew for 5 minutes without the cover. Mix well, ensuring it doesn’t adhere to the lower part of the container. Pound the lentils softly with the rear of the spoon as it thickens. Include a little water whenever required.

4.Add the tamarind glue and mix well. Trimming with the coriander and present with rice or chapatis.

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