Fondant potatoes


•             150g/5oz spread

•             4 potatoes, stripped, cut into barrel-shapes utilizing a cutout

•             75ml/3fl oz chicken or vegetable stock

•             2 garlic cloves, stripped, squashed daintily with the edge of a blade

•             2-3 twigs new thyme

•             sea salt pieces and newly ground dark pepper


1.Heat the spread over a medium warmth in a pot. At the point when the margarine is frothing, add the potatoes and fry until profound brilliant earthy colored on one side, around 5-6 minutes. (Try not to move the potatoes as they cook.)

2.Turn over the potatoes and cook for a further 5-6 minutes, or until brilliant earthy colored on the two sides.

3.Carefully pour in the stock, at that point add the garlic cloves and thyme twigs. (Alert: the hot fat will splutter when it comes into contact with the stock.) Season, to taste, with salt and newly ground dark pepper.

4.Cover the container with a top and diminish the warmth until the stock is stewing. Stew the potatoes until delicate, at that point eliminate the potatoes from the skillet utilizing an opened spoon and keep warm.

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