Devilled prawns

This straightforward prawn curry is good and hot, however you’ll diminish the measure of bean stew chips and bean stew sauce on the off chance that you just hate an excellent deal of heat.


•             1kg/2lb 4oz crude ruler prawns, shell and tail on (discretionary)

•             1 tsp ground dark pepper

•             1 tsp turmeric

•             1 tsp bean stew powder

•             2 tbsp oil

•             5cm/2in piece pandan leaf, generally slashed or torn

•             handful of recent curry leaves

•             2 little red onions, cut

•             1 carrot, stripped and cut

•             2 garlic cloves, generally slashed

•             2.5cm/1in new root ginger, stripped and usually slashed

•             1 tbsp squashed bean stew pieces (to taste)

•             2 tomatoes, slashed

•             1 tsp salt

•             1 tsp malt vinegar

•             1 little red pepper, seeds eliminated, cut

•             1 little sweet pepper ( or malu miris), seeds eliminated, cut

•             2 tsp cornflour

•             1 tsp tomato purée

•             2 tsp sugar

•             50g/1¾oz bean stew sauce or ketchup (discretionary)


1.Place the prawns in an infinite bowl. Sprinkle on the dark pepper, turmeric and stew powder and blend to equally cover. lost sight of to marinate for 10–15 minutes.

2.Heat an unlimited griddle over a high warmth and add the edible fat. When hot, add the pandan leaf and curry leaves and heat while blending much of the time for 1–2 minutes before adding the cut onion and carrot. Cook over a medium warmth for around 8–10 minutes, blending as often as possible.

3.Meanwhile, make a garlic and ginger glue by slamming the garlic and ginger in a very pestle and mortar until all around joined. boost the container and fry for some minutes. Add the squashed bean stew chips (to taste) and cook for an additional moment before adding the marinated prawns. Cook for an additional 2–3 minutes, or until the prawns have turned pink.

4.Add the cleaved tomato, diminish the heat a touch at that time mix within the salt and malt vinegar. Cook for a flash before adding the red and green cut peppers. Decrease the heat and cook, blending habitually for an additional few moments until the vegetables are delicate and therefore the prawns cooked through.

5.Place the cornflour in a very little bowl. Add the tomato purée and sugar at that time add a touch virus water (around a tablespoon) to relax. Towards the finish of cooking, mix the mix into the dish and heat for several minutes.

6.Finally pour within the bean stew sauce or ketchup (if utilizing) and warmth for a further few moments. Serve.

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