Coat potato with whipped feta and sumac

The ideal financial plan well disposed, filling dinner for one. The fragrant, lively kind of sumac is an invigorating difference to the rich whipped feta


•             1 heating potato

•             2 tsp olive oil

•             ½ tsp garlic salt

•             50g feta

•             50g Greek yogurt

•             1 simmered red peppers from a container (about 25g), finely slashed

•             ½ tsp sumac

•             few basil leaves , to serve (discretionary)


•STEP 1.Warmth broiler to 220C/200C fan/gas 6. Prick the potato done with a fork and prepare for 1 hr until it is brilliant outside and delicate inside. Blend 1 tsp olive oil with the garlic salt. Cut a profound cross into the head of the coat, sprinkle the garlic oil into the traverse the outside. Re-visitation of the stove and heat for 15 mins more until the edges are brilliant and firm.

•STEP 2.In the interim, disintegrate the feta into a bowl, gather the yogurt and speed into a single unit until velvety. Mix in the red pepper with a decent crush of dark pepper and spoon the whipped feta into the coat. Sprinkle with the sumac, shower over the staying 1 tsp olive oil and disperse a couple of torn basil leaves on top, in the event that you like.

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