Natively constructed pizza tastes magnificent. Give Mary’s a go for an extraordinary dinner that will satisfy everybody.


For the mixture

250g/9oz solid white flour, in addition to extra for tidying

1 tsp quick activity dried yeast

1 little garlic clove, squashed

½ tsp salt

1 tbsp olive oil

For the garnish

1 tbsp olive oil, in addition to extra for sprinkling

2 onions, meagerly cut

1 tbsp light earthy colored muscovado sugar

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

200ml/7fl oz passata, prepared with salt and pepper

8 cuts Parma ham

200g/7oz delicate goats’ cheddar basil leaves, to decorate


1 To make the mixture, put the flour, yeast, garlic and salt into a bowl. Include 150–175ml/5–6fl oz water and mix with a wooden spoon until joined and a delicate mixture is shaped. Tip out onto a floured surface and work for 10 minutes until a smooth batter is shaped.

2 Oil a huge, clean bowl, include the mixture and spread with stick film. Put in a warm spot and leave to demonstrate for around 1–1½ hours or until multiplied in size.

3 Meanwhile, for the fixing, heat the oil in a lidded griddle over a medium warmth. Include the onions and fry for a couple of moments until they are starting to mellow. Spread and stew for 15 minutes until delicate. Include the sugar and vinegar, turn up the warmth and mix for a couple of moments until brilliant. Put aside to cool.

4 Preheat the stove 240C/220 Fan/Gas 8. Preheat a huge preparing plate in the stove.

5 Tip the demonstrated batter out onto a floured work surface and ply into a ball to daintily thump back. Utilizing your fingers or knuckles, push the batter to about a 30cm/12in hover, with somewhat thicker edges to shape the outside layer.

6 Put the base onto preparing paper.Slide onto the preheated plate and prepare for 12–15 minutes, or until brilliant and the mixture is cooked.

7 Garnish with basil leaves, sprinkle witha minimal olive oil and present with dressed plate of mixed greens leaves.

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